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Expired Goods

Truth be told, we're all dying.

It just happens to be that my wife has been dying faster than I have for the past several years. In some ways, after speaking with doctors and nurses in those first horribly confusing and frightening weeks, it felt like she suddenly had a "best if used by" sticker on her. And yet, Martha recently hit the five year anniversary of her melanoma diagnosis.

She's done an excellent job taking a glance back while continuing to move forward. Here's a tidbit from her post:

It’s been five years, seven surgeries, six biopsies, ten treatment approaches, nine chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs, tumors come and gone through treatment and surgery and two years of dealing with brain tumors and their aftermath. We’ve come a long way, baby! - M

We have come a long way. Long enough to joke that she's «past her expiration date». Thankfully, with her incredibly fortunate access to a clinical trial (the recently approved Keytruda) a little over a year ago, things are looking really, really promising for her at this point. She's still got tumor load, but most of it is stable or even shrinking. Most importantly, she hasn't had any new growth in over a year — and she's survived longer than she was supposed to.

It’s an interesting stage. There is a lot of talk in the cancer world about survivorship and dealing with life after cancer. It’s a wonderful problem to have. But the flames of cancer have left us dirty and reshaped. Rebuilding is going to be a new kind of work. It’s daunting. We don’t have a blueprint yet. We are interrupted by the work of the embers still smouldering. We are weary. We are hopeful. We have survived. Five years.

I can't wait to do the next five years with this woman.

My Martha and I


These are my jam

I realize the phrase is supposed to be, "this is my jam", but there are three songs I can't quit listening to on Rdio. Becoming the Archetype owns my ears when I hear one of these songs come on. I especially love the transition/build from gorgeous, yet mournful piano

Scorpion Hunting

While it's not unusual to encounter scorpions in the southwestern states, within the last two weeks, we've had two scorpions inside the house. If you've ever had the pleasure of "discovering" one with any part of your body, you'll completely understand why I've started hunting - and pulverizing - them

Sounds Spicy!

Two things caught my eye this morning... First, anti-fire PSA: If you or someone you know owns an HP/Compaq laptop made between mid-2010 and mid-2012, might want to send them this: Hewlett-Packard recalls 5 million notebook computer AC power cords due to fire, burn risk. Second, ... seriously? Buffalo Crunch

Top 10 Brackets Extensions

Turns out I'm a fickle developer that wastes some time every now and then jumping back and forth between Sublime Text and Brackets. I've been on a Brackets kick for the last couple weeks and figured I'd make note of my favorite extensions. Brackets is an ever-evolving, freely available, open


aka "Lil' Bro" Well... after considering it for a little more than a year, with Martha's health at a better place than it's been in years and seeming pretty stable, there's one less dog at Pima Animal Care Center. Brosius is a two year old Border Terrier that our family

New Host

I'm excited to be moving this site (and the wife's) to a new host later this week. I've been relying in them for about a year for a work project and I've been really impressed with features, user community, and especially the price. Spun up a new droplet (virtual server