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WordCamping in San Francisco from Tucson

WordCamp San Francisco 2013 was the first WordCamp I’d ever attended. I was lucky enough to go w/ my wife and we both had a great time. We were really disappointed when we realized we wouldn't be able to make it back for WordCamp San Francisco 2014. (Fingers crossed for 2015!)

Thankfully, they’re offering livestream tickets!

WordCamp San Francisco 2014 Logo


I scooped up a livestream + t-shirt ticket and threw the date on the calendar. But as the hours ticked by after that purchase, I started to think it’d be nice to invite other local WordPress users over and share the experience. My wife took it a step further and suggested we use one of the locations the Tucson WordPress Meetup group has used recently.

About the same day, this post went up re: viewing parties.


The Tucson WordPress Meetup is hosting a Viewing Party

If you live in Tucson and use are the slightest bit curious about WordPress and/or it's community of users, RSVP and join us this coming weekend (October 25 & 26) for a great look at both. There are two full days of great speakers scheduled. We'll have two different rooms setup to view both tracks. Lunch is provided on Sunday by Nuanced Media.

Oct 25-26, 9am-6pm, CoLab Workspace

If you find yourself too far from SF or a local WP Meetup group, they're still selling livestream tickets here. You can watch in the comfort of your home!

Twitter List of WCSF Speakers

Compiled by David Bisset - Subscribe to the list or follow the ones that knock your socks off.

Baked Mac

On a beautifully rainy day in Tucson, I wandered across the intersection on my lunch break and paid a visit to Chopped. I figured on a day like today, a soup & salad type combo would be ideal. However, upon perusing the menu, my eyes bumped into a section titled

Expired Goods

Truth be told, we're all dying. It just happens to be that my wife has been dying faster than I have for the past several years. In some ways, after speaking with doctors and nurses in those first horribly confusing and frightening weeks, it felt like she suddenly had a

These are my jam

I realize the phrase is supposed to be, "this is my jam", but there are three songs I can't quit listening to on Rdio. Becoming the Archetype owns my ears when I hear one of these songs come on. I especially love the transition/build from gorgeous, yet mournful piano

Scorpion Hunting

While it's not unusual to encounter scorpions in the southwestern states, within the last two weeks, we've had two scorpions inside the house. If you've ever had the pleasure of "discovering" one with any part of your body, you'll completely understand why I've started hunting - and pulverizing - them

Sounds Spicy!

Two things caught my eye this morning... First, anti-fire PSA: If you or someone you know owns an HP/Compaq laptop made between mid-2010 and mid-2012, might want to send them this: Hewlett-Packard recalls 5 million notebook computer AC power cords due to fire, burn risk. Second, ... seriously? Buffalo Crunch

Top 10 Brackets Extensions

Turns out I'm a fickle developer that wastes some time every now and then jumping back and forth between Sublime Text and Brackets. I've been on a Brackets kick for the last couple weeks and figured I'd make note of my favorite extensions. Brackets is an ever-evolving, freely available, open