Astropad looks really compelling! I'm kicking myself for not having my iPad with me at work... gonna have to wait to try this over the weekend. »



Breaker 1-9

Back in November, both kids had a sudden urge to start riding their bikes a ton. I say sudden because it felt really strange. They'd both »

Proof you need math after high school

See kids? Better keep studyin'. »

Play Them All in 2015!

As the new year starts, I've decided to commit to a couple resolutions. Most of them are fairly personal. But one... while admittedly very geeky, I'm »

Sure, the future is attractive...

November has always been a reflective month for me. It hosts my birthday, my wife's, and good ol' Thanksgiving. For the past several years, it's also »

WordCamping in San Francisco from Tucson

WordCamp San Francisco 2013 was the first WordCamp I’d ever attended. I was lucky enough to go w/ my wife and we both had a »

Baked Mac

On a beautifully rainy day in Tucson, I wandered across the intersection on my lunch break and paid a visit to Chopped. I figured on a »

iOS 8 Could Save Your Life

With the recent release of iOS 8, Apple is using a different data provider for its built-in Weather app. Next time you pop it open, scroll »

Expired Goods

Truth be told, we're all dying. It just happens to be that my wife has been dying faster than I have for the past several years. »